Don’t let your Eagle board ask you why you don’t have the Cooking merit badge!!

All the Cooking in Scouting Requirements, so you know what you can achieve.

Better yet, cook with Mrs. Strous: here are hot tips to make you a better Scout cook, by our ASM Angela Strous!!

  • Brand new! Mrs. Strous has taken an hour to create a Troop 365 Menu Helper… Guys, this is just a list of meal suggestions… Refer to it for menu planning inspiration…. (so they know how many options they have when planning a meal…)
  • BSA Troop 365 guidelines on menu planning & cooking for campouts
  • A great example menu & shopping guide for 12 guys

Tool use distinguishes us from the lower mammals. Here are tools:

  • Best ways to cook from a Dutch oven, from Ed Badger (who is a geezer). Try this stuff out.
  • The Geezer Cookbook – You can find plenty here, from simple (three minutes) to gourmet (five minutes). Can you find the omelet? It’s a long piece, so give yourself some time.
  • Cheesy tested-on-BSA-365 recipes that make you cook like Emeril, using nearly nothing!
  • Robert Heinlein, a marvelous science fiction writer, said that if you can type and program a computer and cook an omelet, you can do anything. Can you? What was the book from which this quote was taken?