Apr 24

Earning Cyber Chip for Scout rank

Earning Cyber Chip for Scout rank

New scouts wishing to earn their Cyber Chip for the Scout rank can find the detailed requirements for their school grade on the Netsmartz site at https://www.netsmartz.org/ scouting

Scouts can prepare by

1) Working with their parents to create an agreement on what constitutes appropriate Internet and electronics use for the scout

2) Watching the videos on the Netsmartz site (Friend or Fake and two others of the scout’s choice, from here: http://www.nsteens.org/videos. aspx.)

3) Becoming familiar with the Troop 365 Electronics Use Policy. This can be found on the troop website at http://www.bsa365.org

Apr 20

Bus Help Needed

We need some help on the bus. Do you have experience or are you willing to learn vinyl seat repair? We have a number of seats that have splits, cracks, or tears and we need to repair these for our upcoming inspection and for the longevity of the seats. Tape repairs are not acceptable for inspection so this will require vinyl kit repairs. We also need to replace a marker light (requires a ladder and running to get the bulb). And last, we need a good cleaning (sweep it out, wipe it down inside, wash it outside).

We need your help, please contact Steve Aspery 614-205-9897 or saspery@darifill.com if you can lend a hand.

Mar 09

Easter Sunday Breakfast

Calling all chefs! We’ll be preparing made to order omelettes on Easter Sunday morning, March 27th at the Church. We have done this for a few years now and the congregation really appreciates it. If you are interested, look for the sign up sheet at our next troop meeting and be in South Fellowship Hall in your Class A uniform by 6:30 am on the 27th. Everything you need will be provided—including aprons and instructions. (We’ll be done by 9:30 am)

Mar 11

Troop Committee Meeting – Weds March 12

This month’s committee meeting will start late (7:45 p.m.) to allow parents to attend the Summer Camp (Chief Logan) meeting scheduled for 7:00. We will cover the following topics and conclude at 8:45 p.m.:

1. New Parent Onboarding/Orientation – P. Dorothy
2. Treasurer Report
3. Scoutmaster Report
4. Outdoor Chairman Report
5. Indoor Chairman Report
6. Reminder of the Mike Hock celebration – June 28th

Mar 09

Physical Fitness Night

Where: The Scout Church (normal weekly meeting location). Due to conflicts with other locations, we will conduct a fitness focused meeting at our normal meeting place.

Date: Monday, March 10, 2014 at 7:00PM at the scout church, done at 8:30PM

Activities: Bring gym clothes if you wish. We will work on Physical Fitness Merit Badge requirements, review prerequisites for the up coming Merit Badge Workshop this Saturday, other advancement wrap up activities, and sharing stories from the great wilderness survival campout.

Feb 25

2 Hour Bus School – New Drivers Needed


What: A no-obligation indoor 2 hour class room school on obtaining a Commercial Drivers License

When: Saturday, March 1st. Meeting/Departing from the church at 8:30AM. Class is from 9-11AM.

Activity: The focus will be on the basics of the CDL and how to conduct a bus inspection. Support your boys, your troop and join us even if  you are just curious.

Please RSVP to Bill Alsnauer:  614-296-5960 or email at wralsnauer@gmail.com