Jan 11

Electricity Merit Badge Clinic – February 11

Electricity Merit Badge Clinic

Explore electricity and earn your Electricity Merit Badge with American Electric Power (AEP)! We invite you to join us and have fun with hands-on activities while earning your requirements.

Date: Saturday, February 11, 2017
Time: Registration is from 8:00 – 9:00 am and the course will run until 3:00 pm
Location: AEP-D Training Center, 4100 Bixby Road, Groveport, Ohio 43125
Cost: $6.00 – lunch included

The course is limited to the first 70 Scouts registered. Prior to the course, Scouts need to have completed requirements 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9a and 11 of the Electricity Merit Badge and bring these projects and papers with him when he reports for the course.

Dec 16

Citizenship in the World – December 22nd

Citizenship in the World, Thursday, Dec 22, 2-4pm. Mr. Nadonly will be doing a Citizenship in the World merit badge workshop.

Read the Citizenship in the World merit badge handbook before the workshop. Without reading it, it is unlikely that the boys will be able to effectively discuss the subject matter, which is a requirement for this Eagle required badge. The merit badge worksheet must be printed out and completed prior to this event. Some of the options in #7 can be done before the class, but others will require you to do something outside of the class, which you will have to report back to Mr. Nadolny on. Please contact Mr. Nadonly for more details. His email is dnadolny@columbus.rr.com . His home phone is 614-781-8821.

The class will be held at his house, 175 Kenbrook Dr, in Colonial Hills. For those that might have taken the Citizen in the Community or Nation class from Mr. Dorothy, Mr. Nadolny’s is the next house on that driveway.

Feb 10

Merit badge opportunities: American Cultures, Theater

Scouts interested in pursuing either of these merit badges (American Cultures or Theater) can contact Mr. Connolly, either via Troopwebhost email or by phone.

There are a couple related events coming up:

August Wilson: The Ground on Which I Stand, PBS documentary on the life of the playwright
Screening on Wednesday February 17 at 6pm, with post-film discussion to follow at 7:30 pm,
Pythian Theater, King Arts Complex, 867 Mount Vernon Ave. Admission is free.
Those interested in carpooling can meet at the church by 5:30 pm.

Two Trains Running by August Wilson, opens Thursday March 3, 7pm at the Garden Theater, 1187 N High St.
Tickets are $20. Those interested in carpooling can meet at the church at 6:15 pm.

Nov 02

Swimming Merit Badge Clinic

BSA Swimming Merit Badge Clinic

When: Thursdays – Nov 5, 12, 19, Dec 3 and 10, 2015: 7:30PM-8:15PM

Where: Premier at Sawmill Athletic Club, 3111 Hayden Road Columbus, Ohio 43235 614.336.2582

Cost: $78 members, $98 non Members

Bring: Swimsuit and blue card to first meeting

Pre requisite: BSA First class and Second class swimming requirements already signed-off

Maximum class 8 participants

Questions call Mrs. Williams (614) 527-5238

May 27

Rollout of interactive digital merit badge pamphlets begins

The Boy Scouts of America just released its first wave of interactive digital merit badge pamphlets, and they’re insanely cool.

Starting now, Boy Scouts (and troop leaders and merit badge counselors) can download digital versions of the pamphlets for Cooking, First Aid, Animation and Robotics merit badges. More are coming soon (see the list below).

These digital pamphlets are the same price as their print siblings ($4.99), but you get so much more for your money. In addition to everything in the paper versions, Scouts who use the digital versions get:

  • Videos, including “how-to” clips, career bios, virtual tours and multimedia experiences
  • Search, so you can find what you need quickly
  • Simulations, animations, photo slideshows and graphics
  • Interactive Q&A’s

Which merit badges are becoming digital?

These are the first four, out now:

  • Animation
  • Cooking
  • First Aid
  • Robotics

The next wave of four should be out in July:

  • Communications
  • Digital Technology
  • Family Life
  • Personal Fitness

Then the next wave should debut in September:

  • Camping
  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • Swimming

And another wave is expected in December.

Where can I learn more?
You can consider Boys’ Life to be your hub for all things related to these interactive digital merit badges pamphlets. Bookmark this page to find FAQs, links to buy the interactive digital merit badge pamphlets, sample videos and more great content than our old buddy Pedro could shake his tail at.

Mar 23

Environmental Science Merit Badge

Grange Audubon: Environmental Science Merit Badge Program

  • When: April 19, 1:00 PM
  • Where: 505 W. Whittier St. Columbus, OH 43215

Environmental Science: Pre-reqs: Requirements #1, #2, – using written document (will be reviewed in activities day of program). We will do: #3A-F, #4, #5, Scout will need to finish: #3F2, #4A (written report), #6 Follow-up: Scout will need to meet with GIAC educator (via email, phone or in person) to review Requirement #3F2, Requirement #4A and wrap up the merit badge. The event will also be held 9/19 & 10/25. Cost: $15


Feb 28

Citizenship in the Community – March 2

For those scouts currently taking the Citizenship in the Community merit badge from Mr. Dorothy:

We have received notification that the Bike and Ped Committee will be on the agenda at Monday’s City Council meeting. This is the meeting we have been waiting for. We will meet at City Hall at 7pm in full class A. We should be done around 8:45.

Jan 19

Citizenship In The Community

What: 5 two-hour Merit Badge Workshops to achieve the Citizenship in the Community merit badge

Who: Counselor: Paul Dorothy – paulwdorothy@gmail.com – 614-580-6202

Where: Dr. Dorothy’s House (directions will be sent with confirmation e-mail)

When: 1 Monday (City Council visit), 3 other weekday nights, 1 Saturday/Sunday afternoon or evening (movie)

Why: ‘Cause it’s Eagle required!

Please contact Paul Dorothy if you are interested in working on this merit badge.


Aug 05

Citizenship in the World Merit Badge Workshop

I will be conducting a Citizenship in the World merit badge workshop in late August or September at my house, 175 Kenbrook Dr. For those who did the other two Citizenship merit badges with Dr. Dorothy, my house is right next door to his. The actual date of the workshop will be dependent on how many sign up as we might need to break it up into more than one group, but it should be in August and/or September. It should take about 3 hours.

Any boy who would like to sign up can send an email to me at dnadolny@columbus.rr.com or sign up on a list I will bring to the next few troop meetings.

Boys who sign up are required to read the merit badge handbook and come to the meeting prepared to discuss requirements #1-2, 4a&c, and 5-6. As preparation for the workshop, I suggest they print out and complete the merit badge worksheet located at http://usscouts.org/usscouts/mb/worksheets/Citizenship-in-the-World.pdf . I will ask the boys as they show up if they have read the handbook, if they have not, they should not stay. I know this sounds harsh, but without reading it, it is unlikely that most boys (I’m sure there are exceptions) will be able to effectively discuss the subject matter, which is a requirement for this Eagle required merit badge. Each boy must participate in the discussion for me to sign off on the requirements. I will do the class again every six months or so, so if the scout is not ready for this badge yet, they will have plenty of opportunities.

In addition, each boy will need to do #3 and 7 (two from the list) as homework. For #7, as one of the two required, I suggest that they try to do #7e, as there are multiple ethnic festivals in Columbus at this time of year including:
Latino Festival Aug 9-10
African VIllage Arts Festival Aug 16-17
India Festival Aug 16
Greek Festival Aug 29-Sep 1
Macedonian Festival Sep 5-7
Germania Oktoberfest Sep 20-21
and more…

Yours in scouting,
Dave Nadolny