Sep 16

Cyber-Chip Meeting – September 18

Cyber-Chip Meeting – Monday September 18

Scouts will learn about online safety and responsible use of the Internet and digital resources.

Before the meeting, scouts should work with their parents to establish/update their Internet Use Agreement, which outlines acceptable use policy for the scout.

Scouts who have previously earned their Cyber Chip should bring it to the meeting so it can be renewed. New Cyber Chip cards will be presented to scouts who have not previously earned one.

Mar 07

CPR and Wilderness First Aid training — April 1-2

BSA Troop 365 – CPR and Wilderness First Aid training (Red Cross)

Our troop often travels to remote locations where physicians and/or rapid transport is not readily available. BSA requires that a certified person attend these types of high adventure trips. In this training, you will learn how to assess and treat an ill or injured person in a remote environment. This class is through the Red Cross and you will earn both your CPR and Wilderness First Aid certifications.

Who: Youth and adult Scout leaders over age 14 are invited to participate and earn their certification.

When: April 1-2, 2017  from 8am-4pm

Where: Premier at Sawmill Athletic Club (3111 Hayden Rd, Columbus, OH 43235)

Cost: $60 per person (if this is a problem please let us know as the troop needs trained leaders)

If you have any questions, please contact Matt or Judy Williams at 614-527-5238.


Oct 25

Happy Halloween – Meeting Moved to Tue Nov. 1

The troop meeting next week has been changed to Tuesday Nov. 1 at the church. This gives everyone the chance to go Trick or Treating on Monday and enjoy their candy. The meeting on Tuesday Nov. 1 will be planning for the Turkey Shoot.

Also, there is a Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) meeting at the church on Wednesday Nov. 2. It is important for Scouts who are members of the PLC to attend.

Happy Halloween!

Sep 02

Cyber Chip – September 15

Cyber Chip

At the September 15th troop meeting, scouts will have the opportunity to learn about responsible use of digital technology, culminating in their earning the Cyber Chip. In order to earn the Cyber Chip, scouts should complete the following prior to this meeting:

Write and sign a personalized contract between the scout and their parent or guardian that outlines rules for using the computer and mobile devices, including what you can download, what you can post, and consequences for inappropriate use.

Jul 10

Advancement Wrap-up & Gear Swap – Aug 11

The troop meeting on August 11th will include advancement wrap-up so make sure that you bring your scout book and come prepared for a scout master conference and board of review if you need one.

Also on August 11th, the troop will be having a gear swap/sale — bring your unwanted camping gear to sell at affordable prices, and your money to buy affordable gear. We will be auctioning off the lost and found items — 20 minutes after the lost owners have had a chance to claim and identify it.

You don’t want to miss this meeting!