May 22

A Celebration of Scouting with Michael Hock

Host: BSA Troop 365, Worthington OH

When: Saturday, June 28, 2-5 PM Flag ceremony at 3:30 PM

Where: Highbanks Metropark, 9466 U.S. 23, Lewis Center, OH
Dragonfly Camp – (N of Powell Rd between S.R. 23 and S.R. 315)

Join us as we celebrate Mike’s contributions and continuing service to Scouting and to BSA Troop 365. Mike’s impact on Scouting has been profound, from sound guidance of boys and adults in Troop 365 on the scouting trail, to canoeing, volunteer management and fundraising. Come share your memories and stories with Mike and Linda! Light refreshments served.

Please RSVP at:

Mar 11

Troop Committee Meeting – Weds March 12

This month’s committee meeting will start late (7:45 p.m.) to allow parents to attend the Summer Camp (Chief Logan) meeting scheduled for 7:00. We will cover the following topics and conclude at 8:45 p.m.:

1. New Parent Onboarding/Orientation – P. Dorothy
2. Treasurer Report
3. Scoutmaster Report
4. Outdoor Chairman Report
5. Indoor Chairman Report
6. Reminder of the Mike Hock celebration – June 28th

Jan 24

Scout Safety Meeting Jan. 27 – Attendance Required

Dear Scouts, Scouters & Scout Families,


On January 27, 2014, 7PM, Troop 365 will have our annual Scout Safety meeting. Attendance is required of Scouts & Scouters. I encourage a parent to join your son.


“Be Prepared” is the Boy Scout Motto and that is what our evening will address. Mr. Ron Grocki will talk about bullying, personal safety, and will present a BSA prepared DVD called “A Time to Tell.” This video teaches the boys and adults how to keep a lookout for predatory activities and teaches them what to do if they are in an uncomfortable, compromised, or dangerous situation.


These are not easy subjects to address but we are committed to the safety of the boys and we want to ensure that everyone has a very clear understanding of what is appropriate and what is not. Parents, please join us so that should your son have questions on the ride home or later, you will have the common experience as a reference.


Thank you for entrusting BSA Troop 365 with your son.


If your son is unable to attend or you have other concerns, please email me at wralsnauer @ or call my cell @ 614-296-5960.





Bill Alsnauer


BSA 365 Committee Chair


Jan 21

Troop Communication – Updates

To: All involved in Scouting

From: Committee Chair Bill Alsnauer January 20,2014

Re: Communication, updates, calendar, etc.

The committee has been talking about the issue of informing Scouts, Scouters & parents in a timely manner about Scout activities, changes, weather and so on. Before I delve into the beginning of our solution, let me speak about Scouting and the historical reasons for the way we do things.

Each Troop is divided into patrols & communication is designed to flow from the Patrol Leadership Council to the Patrol Leaders, to the boys in that patrol. It is designed that way to help the boys with their communication skills, learn how to make a phone call and reinforce the relationships within their patrol. This system will fail from time to time and it is from that that we hope that the boys will learn. In addition, all related announcements are made during Troop meetings, both during announcements and during patrol corners. Obviously attendance is a prerequisite to this being effective. The final piece here is, it is the role of each patrol’s assistant Scout Master & Scout Master to check in with the boys to make sure that each has done his job.

PLEASE READ THE COMPLETE LETTER HERE: Communciate Letter to adults 20140120