We hope you become an Eagle Scout. Fewer than 3% of Boy Scouts achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. The trail is long. Aim for it, if it’s you, and let us know how to help you on the trail. Your name will appear on our list of BSA 365 Eagles. Who do you see you know, among the more than 100 men?

Rank Advancement

Here’s how to advance along the Scouting trail. Check with your Scoutmaster about your records.

Scouts can work on any of these requirements as soon as they join Scouting. Badge awards come when a Scout has met those requirements specific to a rank. We aim to have Scouts achieve 1st class within their first 12 months with BSA 365: then, a Scout clearly can say he’s prepared!

  • Star Scout Requirements
  • Life Scout Requirements
  • Eagle Rank – BSA 365 is privileged to have over 175 Scouts attain Eagle Rank during their time with us. Some specific requirements and forms are here. Remember, detailed plans must be laid with Scoutmaster Jerry Roderick for this work.

The latest Eagle Service Project Workbook can be found here; check with Mr. Roderick if you have any questions!!

Merit Badges

Merit badges, too, can be earned as soon as a Scout joins. Many of these fit to hobbies, school life, activities outside Scouting that are of personal interest. The trail to Eagle rank has specific, required merit badges.

Special Awards

Special Awards exist for outdoor activity, unique events and more. See the descriptions.