Court of Honor – August 30, 2020

Hello, Scouts, Scouters and Parents– It’s time…. time for a Court of Honor. The PLC has met, and discussed the results of the survey, and debated, and wondered about a third option, debated some more, and decided– that the survey results were so close, that the third option would be —BOTH— an in-person  and virtual Court of Honor.

WHEN — Sunday, August 30, 2020 at 3:00PM

WHERE — The parking lot south of the Worthington United Methodist Church

HOW — In-Person, for those getting awards (rank advancements, merit badges, other recognitions); we’ll have shelters set up in case of inclement weather.  Virtual, for those who choose to do so, and if that turns out to be Scouts getting awards, then we’ll find a way to make sure those awards are later received.  An invitation through Troopwebhost to Join the Court of Honor will be sent next week so that you can join from the comfort of your home.

It’s time to recognize those who have worked hard, sacrificed, sweat, bled? … well, we’ll not go too far. But thanks to our merit badge counselors who have zoomed badge classes, and Assistant Scoutmasters who have zoomed conferences, and Committee members who have zoomed Boards of Review, and our extraordinary Outdoor Chair(wo)man Mrs. Prosser and her team of merit badge counselors and assistants who organized an outstanding summer camp experience in the outdoors full of skills and merit badges, (I hope I didn’t forget anybody), we have had a busy summer, preceded by a somewhat busy spring. And we have new Scouts who have been waiting to be officially inducted into the Troop! We will also talk about what we might expect this fall, considering the restrictions related to the Covid19 pandemic. So, be there for the hard-earned recognitions, and be there for the upcoming plans!  BUT, if you want food, you’ll need to make it and bring it yourselves this time– a good opportunity for those who have earned the Cooking merit badge to impress your families with what you have learned… just clean up the kitchen afterwards!

Be looking for that invitation to attend virtually, and if you join us in person– remember your MASKS and your OWN OUTDOOR SEATING.

Mr. Roderick

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