2017 – 2018 Scout Year

The planning has begun for the 2017-2018 outings! This year the PLC is putting together some amazing and creative campouts and activities. Keep your eyes on the calendar and troopwebhost for updates and information as each date approaches, as well to sign up for fun and adventure!

Fall Activities

  • Zip Lining –  Location is TBD, but maybe Camp Mary Orton or Hocking Hills. Colin Toepfer and Ryan Rigden should have more information to come.
  • Shoot O Ree – Come to Camp Lazarus for the weekend, a day or a few hours to help the Cub Scouts out on the BB gun Range. Great opportunity to introduce ourselves and start recruiting. Earn some service hours while you’re at it.
  • Whitewater Rafting – Take a grand adventure riding the rapids. Location TBD, but maybe Ohio Pyle. Ryan Connolly will have more information to come.
  • Trifles & Treasures – Spend a day helping out at the church by carrying purchased items for shoppers, setting up and maybe doing some shopping yourself. While you’re there, earn some service hours too.
  • Turkey Shoot – Our Annual Turkey Shoot down at Chief Logan is NOT to be missed! Learn and compete in Rifle Shooting, Shotgun Shooting, Tomahawk, Atlatle and Fry Pan Throwing, as well as pioneering and first aid. Earn Turks by doing good deeds and then visit Mr. Roderick’s trading post where you can spend those Turks on some GREAT items! Plus, enjoy a Thanksgiving Feast prepared by all in attendance!

Winter Activities

  • Special Olympics – This annual Service Project at the OSU Aquatics Center runs 2 days. Saturday from 8am to 5pm and Sunday from 7 am to 1 pm.  It’s a lot of fun getting to meet the swimmers and helping them get from point A to point B. Free lunch, free t-shirt, service hours and lot’s of fun! What could be better?
  • Solve a Mystery – What is the mystery? Case of the Missing S’mores? Case of the Lost Scout? Case of the Mysterious Camper? Who knows! Whatever it is, solve this mystery by solving clues and re-enacting scout skills that may lead to the answer! Knoble Prosser and Scooter Nadolny will have more information to come.
  • Holidome – Always in popular demand, take a break from the normal outdoor adventures and experience an indoor adventure, including the once a year permission to bring electronics on a scout outing!  There will be lots of inside activities to choose from such as Walleyball, racquetball, arcade games, swimming, ping pong or just hanging out.  Then just to quench the thirst for the outdoors, there will be outdoor hiking or nature walk options as well. And enjoy having food cooked for you instead of by you on this once a year outing. Sydney Reed and Christian Weaston will have more information to come.
  • Bushwack – Get those Hiking shoes/boots out and prepare for a fun-filled hike through John Bryant State Park and Clifton Gorge enjoying the beautiful sights of winter, sometimes including a frozen waterfall if cold enough just to end up at Clifton Mills and eat pancakes the size of Hubcaps. Once you’ve had your fill of food, hike back through the park on a different trail getting to see all new parts of nature. Then load the bus and head to Young’s Dairy farm for a scoop or two of Homemade Ice Cream!
  • President’s Day Weekend – Set out on a road trip to Illinois to learn about our beloved 16th president, Honest Abe. Visit the Lincoln Monument and Lincoln Memorial Garden and Nature Center along with many other activities to be planned. Knoble Prosser will have more information to come.

Spring Activities

  • Sports themed or Wilderness Survival? – Maybe both together! Enjoy some friendly competition while maybe working on the sports merit badge. Build a natural shelter to sleep in, maybe catch a fish, build a fire, cook some great food! Scooter Nadolny will have more information to come.
  • The Wilds – Let’s take a walk on the Wild Side! see wild animals not in cages. It’s like taking an African Safari but way cheaper! Tony Roskuski, Adam, Luke and Joe Williams will be planning this adventure and have more information to come.
  • Scout Choice Campout – This is just as it sounds. Instead of structured planned activities, you will get to do any scouting related activity you like. Maybe that’s mastering your firebuilding/starting or wood carving. Maybe it’s day and night fishing or mastering your camp cooking skills to learn a variety of foods that can be made while camping.