Citizenship in the World – December 22nd

Citizenship in the World, Thursday, Dec 22, 2-4pm. Mr. Nadonly will be doing a Citizenship in the World merit badge workshop.

Read the Citizenship in the World merit badge handbook before the workshop. Without reading it, it is unlikely that the boys will be able to effectively discuss the subject matter, which is a requirement for this Eagle required badge. The merit badge worksheet must be printed out and completed prior to this event. Some of the options in #7 can be done before the class, but others will require you to do something outside of the class, which you will have to report back to Mr. Nadolny on. Please contact Mr. Nadonly for more details. His email is . His home phone is 614-781-8821.

The class will be held at his house, 175 Kenbrook Dr, in Colonial Hills. For those that might have taken the Citizen in the Community or Nation class from Mr. Dorothy, Mr. Nadolny’s is the next house on that driveway.

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