Wilderness First Aid – May 2 & 3

Troop 365,

Wilderness First Aid certification is now required for at least two members of any group (or crew) that is on a high adventure trip or any trip where we are more than a few hours from medical assistance. Any scout 14 and older and any adult scouter is eligible to become certified. This is one of the best classes you will ever take to prepare you for trips where we get away from it all (the ones that we love the most!)

We are holding a class and certification for our troop on May 2 and 3. It is a full day Saturday and Sunday (8AM to 4PM, you must attend both days) and the cost will be between $60 and $75 depending on the number of participants. This class will also include an update of your CPR certification (if you have current CPR then subtract $27 from the cost).

We need to get a count on how many people will be attending. Please go to Troop WebHost and sign up today. https://www.troopwebhost.org/ FormHTML.aspx?Menu_Item_ID= 92256

Quetico and Philmont crews need this certification, at least two people in each crew.

If you have questions email or call Mr. Aspery at 614-841-1846 or saspery@darifill.com.

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