Committee Chair Note

Perhaps you’ve already heard but April 1st will end my tenure as BSA Troop 365 Committee Chair. (I promised Jerry 2 years and almost made it to 3.) We’ve covered a lot of ground together and I appreciate all the hard work. Troop 365 is blessed with an abundance of Scouters providing support, energy and leadership. The boy led mantra continues through the committee and under the stewardship of Scoutmaster Jerry Roderick. Our new Committee Chair is John Heywood, Eagle Scout and grandfather of Tony S. John is very active in camping and planning and has been the ASM of Shark Patrol.

I look forward to continuing my association with Troop 365 as bus driver, future summer camp Scouter, etc. Thank you John for stepping forward. My most sincere thanks to Scoutmaster Roderick, the committee, ASM’s, parents and of course the Scouts.

Yours in Scouting,
Bill Alsnauer

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