Turkey Shoot Update

To Scouts and Scouters of Troop 365


We are looking forward to another great Turkey Shoot at Chief Logan this weekend.  We are making extra arrangement due to the severe cold.  Being prepared is the best approach and your son’s safety is paramount.

  • There are heated buildings available for warmth.
  • Scouts who choose to sleep outdoors will have an equipment check by either Star, Life, Eagle Scouts and or the Scouters attending.
  • ASM’s will have hand warmers for Scouts who run out or forget.
  • Use our website for tips, most importantly smart wool socks, a sleeping bag liner, long underwear, hats, foot & hand warmers for the tent. http://bsa365.org/wp-content/uploads/winter-backpacking-tips.pdf
  • No one camps alone, everyone will have at least one tent buddy.  This generates warmth.
  • Adults will be continuously checking on the Scouts during the weekend.
  • Encourage your Scout to ask for help from an older Scout. This is our method and develops leadership & trust within the troop.

Thanks for trusting Troop 365.

Bill Alsnauer, Committee Chair

P.S. I’m sorry I’ve created some confusion.  Scouts will be tent camping.  The heated buildings are a back up.

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