Cyber Chip Make-up Instructions

At the Sept. 26 meeting attending scouts earned their Cyber Chip, which certifies that they understand and abide by the rules of safe and responsible use of electronic devices and the Internet.

Scouts who missed the Sept. 19 or Sept. 26 meetings can catch up by:

  1. Reviewing the Cyber Chip requirements at
  2. Work with their parents on a personalized contract covering responsible electronics and Internet use.
  3. Viewing online videos that address Internet safety topics, available at In the Sept 19 meeting we viewed and discussed Friend or Fake, 6 Degrees of Information, Two Kinds of Stupid, and You Can’t Take It Back.
  4. Present what they have learned to other scouts or adult leaders in the troop.
  5. Review the Troop 365 policy on electronics use.

Cyber Chip certification is good for 12 months. Instructions for renewing the Cyber Chip can be found online at

Having one’s Cyber Chip will be required to attend the Holidome outing planned for January 2015.

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