Citizenship in the World Merit Badge Workshop

I will be conducting a Citizenship in the World merit badge workshop in late August or September at my house, 175 Kenbrook Dr. For those who did the other two Citizenship merit badges with Dr. Dorothy, my house is right next door to his. The actual date of the workshop will be dependent on how many sign up as we might need to break it up into more than one group, but it should be in August and/or September. It should take about 3 hours.

Any boy who would like to sign up can send an email to me at or sign up on a list I will bring to the next few troop meetings.

Boys who sign up are required to read the merit badge handbook and come to the meeting prepared to discuss requirements #1-2, 4a&c, and 5-6. As preparation for the workshop, I suggest they print out and complete the merit badge worksheet located at . I will ask the boys as they show up if they have read the handbook, if they have not, they should not stay. I know this sounds harsh, but without reading it, it is unlikely that most boys (I’m sure there are exceptions) will be able to effectively discuss the subject matter, which is a requirement for this Eagle required merit badge. Each boy must participate in the discussion for me to sign off on the requirements. I will do the class again every six months or so, so if the scout is not ready for this badge yet, they will have plenty of opportunities.

In addition, each boy will need to do #3 and 7 (two from the list) as homework. For #7, as one of the two required, I suggest that they try to do #7e, as there are multiple ethnic festivals in Columbus at this time of year including:
Latino Festival Aug 9-10
African VIllage Arts Festival Aug 16-17
India Festival Aug 16
Greek Festival Aug 29-Sep 1
Macedonian Festival Sep 5-7
Germania Oktoberfest Sep 20-21
and more…

Yours in scouting,
Dave Nadolny

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