Parent Presentations – June 23 & July 7

There are two upcoming parent presentations on June 23 and July 7. The first will be on BSA Uniforms and Gear and the latter about Chief Logan Summer Camp and the Foothills Program. The meetings will start at 7:15pm and last until 8:25pm. We will meet at the regular troop meeting and then adjourn upstairs to one of the meeting rooms at the church.

June 23 – The presentation is on “What a Parent Needs to Know about BSA Uniforms and Gear.” The presentation will cover the basics of BSA uniforms and will discuss typical gear needed for participating in BSA activities. Guidance as to how to prioritize gear purchases and examples of appropriate gear will be covered.

July 7 – This presentation on “New Parent Orientation for Chief Logan Summer Camp and the Foothills Program.” The presentation will outline the Foothills Program at Chief Logan Summer Camp, give additional information regarding first year participants at Chief Logan and provide an opportunity for Q&A.

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