Friends of Scouting

Dear Parents and Adult Leaders,

I hope that you and your son are enjoying the Scouting program this year and are looking forward to our Troop’s Court of Honor on April 7th. There is an exciting program lined up to celebrate Scouts and all of their achievements.  I sincerely hope that you are able to attend to see the Scouts recognized for their efforts.

In addition to the COH program, we will have our annual Friends of Scouting presentation to ask for your support of the local Scouting program. The dues we pay each year provide the funds needed to run the unit program and pay our $24 registration fee to the National Boy Scouts of America.  These funds do not support our local Simon Kenton Council and all of the services they provide. From the flyer your son first brought home to get him into Scouting, the camps we use for activities, to the Campership program that sends underprivileged Scouts to camp, are funded by the Simon Kenton Council Friends of Scouting program. Our council spends about $150 per Scout above and beyond the yearly chartering fee we all pay.

I know that many things compete for your dollars but would ask you to seriously consider joining me in making an investment in youth development through the Friends of Scouting Campaign. Instilling Scouting principles in young people takes the support of many, and we need your support to continue equipping youth for a lifetime of challenges they will all face to ensure they are “Prepared. For Life.”

Corporate and United Way donations are more difficult to come by each year and it is important that we directly support the program that is impacting our children every day. Last year Troop 365 gave at our Court of Honor $2,543. That is $2,543 that literally changes the lives of the youth in Central Ohio through Scouting. The goal this year is to increase the number of gifts and amount raised to impact more kids.

You can make a pledge at the presentation and pay it whenever and however you want in 2014 or write a check and make a donation that night.  All Friends of Scouting donations are 100% tax deductible.  Thank you in advance for your generous support and for choosing the Scouting program as an adventure for your family.

With Sincere Appreciation,
Bill Alsnauer
Committee Chair
Troop 365

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