Committee Meeting – February 5th

 Our committee meeting is one week earlier this month for some specific reasons.   I hope you are able to attend.
  1. Conversation about new parent onboarding & education:  Paul Dorothy is both presenting and looking for feedback.
  2. Working the calendar.
    1. Spaghetti Dinner:  Jamie Prosser and friends.
    2. Outdoor: Gary Meyer
      1. Upcoming events
      2. Summer activities, camps. (Jerry Roderick)   Letter to be distributed, volunteers needed.   (Bill Alsnauer)
      3. Bus School  March 1, 2104
  1. Scoutmaster Report  Jerry Roderick
  2. Recruitment Report  Duane  Thompson
  3. Communication:  Eric Francis and/or Jeff Sweet and/or Pat Connelly.
  4. Michael Hock Celebration  June 28th.  (Jeff Sweet/Karen Roderick)  SKC is aware of the date.


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