Troop Communication – Updates

To: All involved in Scouting

From: Committee Chair Bill Alsnauer January 20,2014

Re: Communication, updates, calendar, etc.

The committee has been talking about the issue of informing Scouts, Scouters & parents in a timely manner about Scout activities, changes, weather and so on. Before I delve into the beginning of our solution, let me speak about Scouting and the historical reasons for the way we do things.

Each Troop is divided into patrols & communication is designed to flow from the Patrol Leadership Council to the Patrol Leaders, to the boys in that patrol. It is designed that way to help the boys with their communication skills, learn how to make a phone call and reinforce the relationships within their patrol. This system will fail from time to time and it is from that that we hope that the boys will learn. In addition, all related announcements are made during Troop meetings, both during announcements and during patrol corners. Obviously attendance is a prerequisite to this being effective. The final piece here is, it is the role of each patrol’s assistant Scout Master & Scout Master to check in with the boys to make sure that each has done his job.

PLEASE READ THE COMPLETE LETTER HERE: Communciate Letter to adults 20140120

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