Turkey Shoot – Letter to Parents

Hello Scout Parents! Our annual Turkey Shoot is coming up the weekend of November 15-17th. I can’t tell you how many years we’ve been doing this but it is consistently our most popular outing for Scouts and Scouters. This year, in fact, we have over 80 folks attending and we’ve been preparing for quite a while.

  1.  Safety comes first
    1. Range masters are certified. This means that several adults have taken extra time in training to make this as safe as possible.
    2. !!!! November 11th, our Troop Meeting is dedicated to rifle safety. Our certified trainer Mr. Steve Kirk will be the training the boys and I encourage you to join us.
  2. Boys leading Boys
    1. During the last few weeks our boys have been learning about Being Prepared. This includes what to wear, what to pack and what to think about. Keep an eye on the weather and ask them questions as they pack their gear. Their Scout Manual has a lot of information, so does our website.
    2. Menu Planning; last week the Scouts broke into their Patrol Corners and planned what they want to eat, etc. It’ s learning process and includes buying within a budget.
    3. Patrol Method: the patrols camp together and have responsibilities that are spelled out on the duty roster. It assigns everything from cooking, cleaning, etc. The boys learn from this. Those that use it well have fewer problems, some boys will ignore it and that’s when the ‘learning’ begins. A Patrol Duty Roster also creates interdependency, it is more than self-reliance.
  3. The Adults Camping
    1. The adults and boys in the Eagle Patrol have their own duty roster. In addition to being a good idea, it is showing through example, that we believe in the method.
    2. We are there for your boys for any # of reasons. The days are well organized and the boys will be busy. The nights can be cold and a challenge for some boys.
  4. We need your help
    1. I’m the bus driver and plan to start packing the bus by 5:30 & have the wheels moving at 6:00PM, we have a long drive and need to get moving. WEAR CLASS A’s! My cell # is 614-296-5960 if you have an emergency and are running late.
    2. We are packing troop gear Thursday, we will announce the time during the troop meeting. We’d like some of the boys to help, but we’ll cover that during the Monday Meeting.
    3. Cell Phones: I encourage you to keep them home, but if not, during the weekend they’ll be on the bus. If a boy needs to make a call, phones are available.
    4. Occasionally a boy gets homesick and wants an early ride home, we first ask you to call Mr. Roderick (614-949-3954) or Mr. Alsnauer. (614-296-5960) Or as cell phone reception can be iffy, call Chief Logan Reservation admin Kerry Campbell (740-702-2279) and they can find us. We’ll engage your Scout and encourage them through it, but these decisions are ultimately yours.

Thanks for trusting us with your son. He’ll have a great weekend and one he won’t soon forget.

Bill Alsnauer Committee Chair

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