West Virginia – October 18-20

Welcome to our first West Virginia trip to the Prosser Cabin and property. Get ready for an exciting historical adventure. There will be lots of sight seeing, including a trip to some historical oil and gas parks and museums, one of which is also on the Civil War trail. Then get ready for some fun competitions in orienteering, firebuilding and other scout activities. There will also be opportunities to work on skills and merit badges.

The cooler weather is upon us, so please pack appropriately; including warm clothes, sleeping bags and ground tarps for your tent. Semper Paratus! Also, PLEASE find a tent buddy BEFORE the trip. If you are having trouble getting a buddy, talk to Kody Prosser, Knoble Prosser or Cole Tucker.

WHEN: Meet at Worthington United Methodist Church 6:45am Friday morning so we can leave by 7:30am! We are leaving on time and we will leave without you. Eat breakfast before you come or bring something to eat on the bus.

RETURN: Sunday, October 20th, at 1:00 pm or sooner at the Worthington United Methodist Church.

BRING: Cool weather outdoor camping gear, long pants, socks and long sleeves shirts or jackets, boots –hiking through woods and fields – water bottle, small daypack, compass, mess kits. Kickball, Frisbees, football for recreational downtime. I am sure the weather will be nice but in the off chance it rains, it is highly recommended that you pack your rain gear. If you wish to work on your Cooking Merit Badge, bring a simple one person meal to cook yourself such as ramen or oatmeal. For other recommended items, please refer to your Scout Handbook on pages 264, 292, and 293 for a list of recommended basic essentials.

COST: $35 turned in by Monday, October 14th. This cost covers transportation, food, and fees for the museums


West Virginia – Permission Form

West Virginia – Packing List

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  1. If they are not needing the first class requirement, are they still going on the outing or staying at the church? Just so I know where to drop him off.

    Thanks, Kathy

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