Recent Committee Retreat

To:  BSA Troop 365, Scouts, Scouters & Parents.
From: Committee Chairman, Bill Alsnauer
Re:  Recent Committee Retreat

Hello, this past Sunday 15 of us, (committee members, Scoutmaster & assistant scout masters) gathered for some planning.  We used a format to discuss what’s going on with Troop 365, community involvement and Scouting in general.   Here’s a short bit of what we learned and some direction we’re heading.

  1. We are excited about the # of new adults & experienced Scouters (adults)  interested in being part of the leadership.  We recognize the interest and our responsibility to provide orientation and training, even at the most basic level.  Moving from Webelos to BSA 365  can be a bit overwhelming.   Of all areas identified for action, this was the clear choice as our first area of focus.
  2. Identifying adults that want more than basic knowledge/involvement and providing a path.  Building depth in leadership.
  3. Equally in the groups mind?
    1. Turnout for outings, some events like Kelly’s Island or Turkey Shoot have a lot of boys and families, but some others are being minimally attended.
    2. Recruitment, connection with the troop and retention of Scouts.
    3. Overextended boys, lives, etc.
  1. Website, cited as very strong but needs some adjustments, updates, including building in ‘push’ notices.
  2. Indoor Program (meetings) should be assessed.  Content, participants, structure.
  3. Cost over runs on trips, concerns about bus costs vs. benefit.
  4. Planning & processes so moving forward BSA 365 has some basic templates, but flexible for boys to learn & experience as they develop leadership skills.  How do we help them plan an event?

We had close to 100 ideas, consolidated in discussion to 28 items, prioritized to 7 seen here.   The next step will be to come up with some solutions, some will require consensus, other’s solved through direction of me, the committee or Mr. Roderick.   We have already taken some steps, focusing on parent onboarding and recruiting.

There will be more to tell, but I’m glad you and your boy are part of BSA Troop 365.


Bill Alsnauer, Chair

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