Kody Prosser – Eagle Project

This Saturday, 10/5, right after Trifle & Treasures, we will be assembling benches for the first phase of my Eagle Project at the church by the garage. Lunch will be provided before we start, especially for those boys who were doing Trifles & Treasures all morning. On Sunday 10/6, he may be doing a car wash for final fundraising as well, if needed. More information will be provided by Saturday on that.

We will be assembling 4 Flip Top benches for the Avondale Youth Center out of Zanesville. This center is a home for kids, ages 10 to 17, who have been removed from their homes due to domestic violence situations. Most of them end up living here until they are 18.

Phase 2 will commence next weekend, 10/12 & 10/13 and will involve building a brick fire pit. Saturday, 10/12 we will be heading out to Avondale at about 7 am to get started. This day, we will be preparing the site, digging the hole, laying the frame and pouring the concrete, which has to set for 24 hours.

Sunday, 10/13 we will head out around the same time to begin the final phase and actually build the rest of the firepit.

All meals for these two days will be provided.

There will be multiple vehicles going out, so transportation for any boys willing and available to help would be provided.

I know this is a long way to go and it is somewhat short notice. But I wanted to do something for kids in need and after visiting this center and saw that they are trying to improve the outdoor experience for the kids, I decided to tie it into Scouts as well. This firepit will be something they can cook over or just have a bonfire in. It will encourage them to be outside in the evenings, especially in the summer, as a group and experiencing campfire activities. So, I will take all the help I can get.

— Kody Prosser

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