David Williams Eagle Project – Tool Donations

Dear Scouts,

If you have any used tools you would like to donate to the Ronald McDonald House, please bring them to the scout meeting tomorrow night (9/23) and I will collect them at the meeting.

To go along with building the workbench for my Eagle Project, I will also be collecting tools for the Ronald McDonald House. These tools are vitally needed so their volunteer craftsmen don’t have to constantly run to the store to buy tools or spend their valuable time going around looking to borrow them. I would like to stress however that I am mostly looking for gently used tools that people aren’t using anymore. I will be more than happy to take new tools if you are just itching to donate, but any tools will suffice. I have a list of the specific tools they requested below. Having said this, any tools will be accepted and greatly appreciated! I can also obtain a charitable gift receipt from the Ronald McDonald House if you would like.

Requested Tools: Vices, Hammers, Screwdrivers, Socket Sets, Cordless Drills, Nuts and Bolts, Electrical Connectors, Picture Anchors

Thanks for your time,

David Williams


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