Buckeye District Turtle Camporee – April 27-28

This is the hike everyone’s been waiting for. It only happens once every 4 years! Just like a turtle, scouts hike ~18 miles (9 x 2) while carrying all their worldly possessions on their back. No patrol boxes, no cars at the campsite, nothing but your two legs to you there and back. This means you’ll need a comfortable pack with hip strap THAT FITS YOU so you can carry food, a stove, shelter, sleeping bag, and some extra clothing all the way there and back. This activity takes place near Millwood, Ohio where everyone hikes in about 9 miles to the camp site, and then hikes out again about the same distance on Sunday. Guys can also bike about 25 miles there and back, but they don’t have to carry their gear with them. Registration is separate for biking and is first come / first served and due by April 13. See Mr. Heywood or Dr. Hoffman for details on the biking portion.

WHEN: Saturday and Sunday, April 27 to April 28, 2013. Meet at Worthington United Methodist Church 6:00am Saturday morning so we can leave shortly thereafter! Eat breakfast before you come. Please note that bikers and canoers will have made separate transport arrangements to their respective starting points.

RETURN: Sunday, April 28, 2013 ~ 4:00 pm at the Worthington United Methodist Church.

BRING: Travel light!! Camp light!! Carry only those items that are necessary. Share as much as you can with a buddy. A short list should include: a backpack to carry sleeping bag, ground cloth and tent (buddy up!!), hat, rain jacket, extra socks, extra outer layer, dry night time clothes, a few essential toiletries, food, mess kit, and a stove. For food, plan for 4 meals: a lunch for Saturday on the trail, Saturday evening dinner, Sunday breakfast, and another lunch for Sunday for the way back. Also pack some – not too many, energy snacks for the hike. Dress in layers depending on the weather, and be prepared to dress more warmly if the weather turns cool, or take off layers if the weather – and exercise, makes you warmer. Be smart about your clothing and you won’t find yourself packing along a closet full of unnecessary things to wear. Don’t forget to fill your canteen/water bottle already before you leave the house. There will be watering and first aid stations along the entire hiking route.

COST: $20 if turned in by Monday, April 22. This cost goes towards camporee fee for Turtle Metal pin and transportation, and applies to all troop hikers and bikers. The fee for the canoeing leg of the Turtle is $24 and registration is separate.

Buckeye District Turtle Camporee – Permission Form

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