Jerry Roderick’s Mother

Dear Scouts and Scouters, I am sad to pass along some news to you. Yesterday Jerry Roderick’s mother passed away unexpectedly. I have talked with Jerry and Karen and they are coping as best they can. They do need your help.

Special Olympics is this Saturday and Sunday. We need a few more parents/adults on Saturday. Please call me at 296-5960 to volunteer.
Second, we are going to postpone this Monday’s Court of Honor and subsequently not have a Scout meeting this Monday night. The COH will be early in January.
Please consider Jerry and Karen in your thoughts and prayers. I will post the details on visiting & funeral arrangements. I am hopeful that we, as a Troop, will be able to provide the support and care in this time. I do request that Scouts visit the funeral home as those details are available in their best uniform presentation. 

“and now, may the great scoutmaster be with us till we meet again”
Bill Alsnauer, Chair

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