Mountain Biking/Canoeing/Hiking/Fossil Hunting – October 19-21

What: Mountain Biking/Canoeing/Hiking/Fossil Hunting at Caesar’s Creek State Park, in Ohio, and NOT in Kentucky.¬†Lots of things to do at Caesar’s Creek.

Where: Caesar’s Creek State Park, in Ohio

When: Leave the Church on Friday October 19 at 9AM (that is a day off from school for most public schools) and return on Sunday October 21 at 12:30PM.

Cost: Cost will be $35 — includes transportation, camping fee, food and canoe/kayak rentals.

Bring: Regular weekend camping gear for 3 days/2 nights camping; Scout handbook; proper clothing for the weather; mountain bike.

We still need 2 adults who are willing to bike with the bikers (we have the adults who are willing to canoe with the canoers).

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