Green Machine

Have you seen how great our bus looks with its new paint job? Our troop transportation used to look like a bus for hauling convicts, now it truly looks worthy of carrying Boy Scouts.

The new bus look would not have been possible without the help and organization of many volunteers that we would like to thank.

  • Steve Aspery and Gary Meyer really took the lead on getting this done
  • Bill Alsnauer recruited the necessary help
  • All of the BSA365 scouts helped prep for the paint during a Monday night scout meeting
  • Jamie Prosser
  • Steve Kirk
  • Steve Bailey
  • Lisa Aspery
  • Randy Reeves
  • Keith Stimpert
  • Tim Hamner
  • Brad Bolon
  • Todd Rittenhouse
  • Bob  Hoffman
  • If you helped and your name isn’t on the list, we thank you as well!

We are looking for Bus Drivers…  wouldn’t you like to drive this Green Machine?


2 thoughts on “Green Machine

  1. The bus is spectacular! You guys all must be congratulated, and someone somewhere needs to find a name for this thing! Can’t wait to get back to town to drive it. Mike Hock, somewhere in Eastern Washington state.

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