Mandatory Service Project – May 19th

What: Clearing invasive plants from Hoover Prairie

Where: Meet at the Hoover (Reservoir) Prairie parking lot, see directions in handout.

Bring: An old long sleeve shirt, an old pair of long pants, boots, work gloves, sack lunch, water bottle (with water), trash bag, another old shirt to change into.

We will be clearing invasive plants from Hoover Prairie, which may include poison ivy among other things. The troop will be bringing soap and warm water, bleach-wipes and anything else that can keep us from getting any ivy rash. You will want to change your shirt when we get done, and discard your old shirt into your trash bag to take it home and wash as well. If not even a pint of prevention will keep you from developing a poison ivy rash, let us know and we will find some other work for you to do.

Troop Service Project Handout


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