Spring Camporee – Hocking Hills, April 27-29

The Spring Camporee will be in the Hocking Hills, April 27-29

We will have the opportunity to hike the trails at any of the sites – Ash Cave, Old Man’s Cave, Cedar Falls and Rock House. After hiking on Saturday, everyone will enjoy an “Olde Fashioned Pig Roast” in the Hocking Hills State Park youth group camping area. We’re asked to supply side dishes or desserts & chairs. There will be a tap-out for the Order of the Arrow.

UPDATE: Here’s the final bulletin.

4 thoughts on “Spring Camporee – Hocking Hills, April 27-29

  1. Does Old Man’s Cave to Cedar Falls to Ash Cave sound familiar to you? Sure it does! It’s the Granny Gatewood Trail we hike every fall with visiting Webelos! Want to hike a different trail at the Camporee? Talk to James M. who is checking out other trails for us to hike that weekend. Know of one? Tell James at the Court of Honor Monday– he’ll be at the head table as Master of Ceremonies!

    • I wonder who’s been to Airplane Rock? Conkles Hollow? Who’s willing to take a car / the bus to places nearby but not on-site for camporee hiking? Or who’s interested in walking over to the Inn at Cedar Falls for a brunch after the camporee’s over? Maybe most important, who’s got the recipes and moxie to make really good dutch-oven side dishes for the pig? Mike.

  2. Hey guys! You’ve been tying knots for the last couple of weeks; you’ve been talking about pioneering; you older guys said you wanted to do “engineering”-themed things next year— this all adds up to one thing— re-building the MONKEY BRIDGE!!! Let’s take it with us on the camporee, put it up, and see how many of us can make it across! Who can find a good website that shows us how to do it? There’s the FIRST challenge!

  3. Looks like liquid sunshine this Saturday, guys. Don’t forget your ponchos, and you might want to bring your handbooks, your favorite piece of rope, a couple of sticks, and your personal first aid kits as alternatives to putting up the bridge. Maybe next time? See you at the church!

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